Local Rarity Chases Today

Today Ken came over to chase the Glaucous Gull and Common Redpoll that had been seen near the Puyallup River recently. I made a really quick stop for the gull at the 11th Street Bridge without luck before meeting Ken and Bryan at the Gog. We chased two good sized flocks of PISI around for a couple of hours without any luck, and then headed back to the bridge to try for the gull. Very few gulls were at the bridge, but lots at the mouth of the river, so after a while we drove across to the Stewart St. entrance to the trail to the river mouth and hiked out there.
Lots of gulls, a good flock of Dunlin, and a few other birds but no GLGU at the mouith, but while out there we got a text from Peter W. that the GLGU was back at the gull bathing spot. We quickly walked back to find that it had flown away towards Gog-li-hi-ti just before we got back.
So back to the Gog where we almost immediately got on the Glaucous Gull on a container with pretty good scope views.
Another hour + of chasing siskins around failed to show the Redpoll, though I did spot a Black phoebe over the water in the second field. Marv Breese had the Redpoll, and I think I got a glimpse in his camera viewfinder, but none of the rest of us could locate it again before I left just after 1 PM. A nice day one Pierce lifer for me, but disappointment on missing the CORE.

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