Quick Outing for Glaucous Gull and Peregrine Falcon

Abut noon, also low tide, I dashed over to the 11th St. Bridge to look for the Glaucous gull, but it was not with thei 60-70 bathing gulls. While there I did manage a distant look at the Tacoma resident Peregrine falcon high on a brown building to the right of where it is often found on the tall white building with window ledges.
Since the GLGU was not at the bridge, I decided on a quick try at the Gog, and sure enough I got pretty nice looks at the gull on the roof with a large flock of big guys. I managed digiscope photos, but on trying with the camera, couldn’t see it and on looking back in the scope, it had moved out of sight.

This brings me to 74 for Pierce in 2018.

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