Welcome 2018

Despite having to complete moving out of the back of the house today, I managed a bit of a start on Pierce County birding. I looked briefly for the Gyrfalcon at McChord AFB but no luck, and Heather Voboril had no luck yesterday either, so maybe it has moved on or met a jet collision.
A first light scoping from the condo yielded nothing unusual. Then a walk with Kay on Ruston where the best bird was an Orange-crowned warbler at the little park at the bottom of Starr St across 30th where it was flitting on top of the blackberry brambles.
Pretty much usual birds on the water.
Later after a Home Depot run and after looking for the Gyr I visited the American Lake Camp Murray boat launch, and managed 10 Canvassbacks far across the lake by the shore with many other ducks and coots. Also a very nice mobbing of DEJU, BCCH, RBNU and a DOWO near the little backwater beside the parking lot.
At Harry Todd Park I got RBGU and CAGU along with WEGR.
Species count for the day (and year) is 42.

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