Too Cold to Paint So Birding it Is

Today on waking up and seeing that it was not raining and that weather reports promised a temperature over 50 degrees by afternoon I decided to try to put 2 coats of paint on Brett’s doors. When I got to Brett’s it was 46-47F and I had read you can paint in temps of 50F I thought it would be OK to paint. Wrong. The paint sort of coagulated in clumps on the metal door, not sure if the door was just too cold from last night or what, but it just wasn’t working. So I cleaned up and headed off to go birding.
First stop at the 11th St Bridge yielded no GLGU, really few gulls of any type and nothing much else.
Next at the Gog I pretty thoroughly looked the place over. I was encouraged by large numbers of DEJU near the parking lot, but otherwise it was fairly quiet though good numbers of common species like SOSP and CAGO.
On the way back to the Asplund’s where we are spending the weekend while they travel I stopped at Van Ogle’s Ford Rd to look over the TRSW flock and see what I could find. 120 TRSW and 300 CACG but no TUSW or other goodies.
Back to take a nap and wait for the Apple Cup.

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