Rough-legged Hawk at Gog-li-hi-ti

Late in the day yesterday Michael found a Rough-legged hawk at Gog-li-hi-ti and this AM Heather and Bruce relocated it. Bruce texted and I broke away from my pledge to help Kay pack up the kitchen stuff prior to our renovations that now start this Saturday. I dashed quickly and as I walked in Bruce and Heather appeared to be watching the hawk fly across the opening. As I got closer Bruce yelled, “In the top of the tree!” I looked at the top of the tallest cottonwood and there it perched. This was a Pierce County first for me, and one I’ve chased up Mt. Rainier, down to Mount’s Road, and never seen before in Pierce.
It seems to have hung around for most of the Pierce listers to see today, so joy abounds.
Later today I stopped at Dash Point after a dump run with Brett hoping to get the Ancient murrelet but no luck. Tomorrow AM I hope the Snow bunting that was seen at the Brown’s Point Lighthouse Park hangs around for another county first.

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