Neah Bay Day 2

Today after a really nice continental breakfast at The Inn at Neah Bay, Ken and I headed out birding. First we did a quick drive through the Raven’s Corner area looking for TRKI on the wires, and a brief cruise of town seeing if anything jumped out. It didn’t.
Next we returned for a few minutes just about sunrise to the dirt road by the Hobuck Campground HQ where we had the WWCR yesterday, but today it was quiet. Next we parked on the road and hiked to Hobuck Beach on a road at the end of the campground. We walked the upper beach looking for things like TRKI, PAWA, longspurs, SNBU but only found two Western meadowlarks, and 6 American pipits. Lots of gulls on the beach kept us entertained with ID studies, finding several Iceland (Thayer’s) and Herring gulls, one Western gull, and lots of Mew, California, Glaucous-winged, and GWGUx WEGU hybrids.
Next we went to Cape Flattery where it was really quiet on the hike in, but we had a nice close look at a Barred owl in a tree overhanging the road on the walk in. From the overlook we saw a cool Sea otter, had nice looks at Black oystercatchers, a fly by Black-legged kittiwake, thousands of Pacific loons flew by mot going north, but did not find the Brown booby that had been reported there earlier today.
It started raining just as we got to Cape Flattery, and continued most of the rest of the day. We went to the jetty, but rain and wind kept us from finding much, and we car birded up the mountain, around town and again had dinner at the pizza joint.
Tonight we hope to watch the Huskies play Oregon on the big TV upstairs.

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